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What is this?

A Chatbot training application

We offer an application that learns how to handle business processes in your company in order to handle Customers on its own. The application looks at the customer service employees and then mimics their work. You assign the Chatbot with tasks and it executes them. The number of applications of this technology is enormous. Chatbots work best in the following areas.
My Social Seller
My Social Seller
Sell your services and products via Messenger, on the website, and in the mobile application. The Chatbot does not sleep, it works constantly on increasing your sales.
My Social Seller
Customer service
The Chatbot provides comprehensive customer service by answering questions, handling sales, receiving complaints, while you can focus on developing your business.
My Social Seller
My Social Seller
No more wasted time on waiting! Our Chatbot is never busy. When working with our Chatbot you will not see messages telling you that all of the consultants are busy. It helps with solving your problems when it suits you.
My Social Seller
The Chatbot receives payments and obtains data in the secure WebView mode. Confidential data is not passed on to Facebook. Transactions are 100% safe. We support electronic payment systems.

Why is it worth it?


The Chatbot can serve many Customers at once. It works 24 hours a day, so that its efficiency is much higher than that of a traditional employee.


The Chatbot does not take days off or sick leaves. Thanks to the training we are sure that the knowledge that it has and will share with customers is always of the highest level.


Artificial intelligence enters various areas of business. Be one step ahead of the competition and hire the Chatbot at your company!
My Social Seller
How does it work?

Conversation with the Chatbot

Our Chatbot conducts an interactive conversation with the Customer, and after collecting the necessary information - it can present an offer. In the course of communication we use data collected from social media. For the presentation of offers we use templates offered by the Facebook platform. Despite the fact that artificial intelligence is a very broad and advanced concept, its operation can be presented in a simple way. Scan the Messenger code and talk to our Chatbot!


Test our Chatbot and see how it can help your company!
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