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About Us

Welcome to My Social Seller! We develop an Artificial Intelligence to make your sales processes simpler!

My Social Seller
Who are we
We provide the technology to create Chatbots that utilize natural language processing and Artificial Intelligence to automate Customer service.
What we do
We create Chatbots, which are available through the search engine on the Messenger platform, through the Fanpage on Facebook, through a Messenger Code (an image that is scanned by the Messenger application), a link (also a parameterized link), an advertisement on Facebook and the website
How we do it
Our Chatbots are based on Facebook, Wit.AI, Messenger. The employees at AI FORCE 1 have knowledge of NLP and the use of artificial intelligence tools such as Google NLP, Microsoft QNAmaker and AI frameworks.

See for yourself!

Test our Chatbot and see how it can help your company!

Meet our team!

My Social Seller
Rafał Sadłowski
Originator and architect of the MSS project. Associated for many years with a call center provider. Co-author of the book titled: "Biblia e-biznesu", programmer of reactive applications, robotics and A.I. enthusiast.
    My Social Seller
    AI Developer
    Mateusz Godlewski
    He is responsible for language processing via decision trees and neural network classifiers. He executes dynamic scenarios based on the AI FORCE 1 framework.
      My Social Seller
      AI Developer
      Salem Albarudy
      Neural networks are his specialization in the MSS project. He develops training models with the use of AI.
        My Social Seller
        Project Manager
        Małgorzata Sadłowska
        She deals with the finances and the deadlines of the projects in which the team is involved. She is responsible for accounting for EU projects and day-to-day contact with government and local government units.
          My Social Seller
          Backend Architect
          Sylwester Gołda
          He builds knowledge base structures that provide the basis for the analysis of Chatbot's behavior. He develops intelligent websites based on dynamic decision trees. Co-creator of the AI FORCE 1 framework.
            My Social Seller
            Frontend Developer
            Grzegorz Bernat
            He deals with the front end of the Chatbot training application. He develops UX applications, combines modern technological solutions using the latest frameworks.
              My Social Seller
              Developer and Graphic Designer
              Mykola Bohdan
              He performs tasks related to UI and UX for the Trainer Panel application. He is responsible for the reporting system and integration with Facebook.
                My Social Seller
                Sales Manager
                Piotr Antczak
                He is responsible for contact with customers and business partners. An expert in the call center market. He builds lasting business relations with Customers.
                  My Social Seller
                  Scrum Master
                  Krzysztof Kowalik
                  Analyst of natural language processing processes. Programmer of neural networks and structures creating artificial intelligence. He deals with design and UX in web applications.
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