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Order a Chatbot that will provide nonstop customer support!

My Social Seller

Today’s customers expect on-demand service 24/7 – and this is where Chatbots shine! 

According to Juniper Research Report (2018), in 2018 the use of Chatbots resulted in over $6 billion USD in savings in the financial sector alone. By 2023 Chatbots will save more than 2.5 billion work hours.


Our Chatbot Features:

  • – Natural Language Processing: bot converses and understands like a human being
  • – Works as an assistant on your website or through Facebook Messenger
  • – FAQ integration
  • – Handles multiple conversations at once
  • – AI-based
  • – Generates statistics about your Clients
  • – Match-making: intelligently suggests products based on your Client’s needs
  • – Handles online payments (Przelewy 24)
  • – Customizable to fit your company theme
  • – Generates performance reports
  • – Recognizes emotions
  • – Handles entire processes: sales, marketing, customer service, returns, etc.
  • – Live dashboard
  • – Paraphrases text when necessary

Ready to see what our Chatbot can do for your business?

MySocialSeller Chatbot+Integrations

Fully-functional Chatbot, Admin Panel,Trainer's Panel, Integrations with Website & FB Messenger

  • 2 Messaging Platforms
  • Flow Design
  • 100 Conversation Steps
  • Conversation Script
  • API Integration
My Social Seller

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Ready to see what our Chatbot can do for your business?

My Social Seller
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