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How does the affiliate program work?

You will receive a personalized link to be placed on your website, which will redirect to our product. Every Customer who starts cooperation in this way will be automatically assigned to you.

Why is it worth it?

  • Advertising materials– there is a possibility of branding flyers for you as an authorized partner – just send your logo in high resolution.
  • AI FORCE 1 has the possibility of directing more Customers to a webinar prepared by us especially for the Partner – arranged on a case by-case basis.
  • AI FORCE 1 develops an application in which you submit your Customers – we will make it available after signing the agreement.
  • Other forms of support
  • You receive a commission for each payment made by a Customer.
  • The launch and servicing of the Chatbot is a responsibility of AI FORCE 1, it does not involve you nor the Customer.

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